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PART NOS: 6122

All these Granite plates are stocked in laboratory grade only, are high precision  and are supplied with traceable certification acceptable under MRA and ILAC arrangements.

Special features such as threaded inserts, holes or ledges can be supplied on special order.

Metal Stands  come in sizes from 630mm x 400mm upwards.   The stands are adjustable and come with appropriate levelling screws.

Granite Surface Plates Stocked sizes
SIZE                 RIMET GR 00 (um) *   AS1004.2**


300x300x63          3                                   –

400x 250×75         3                                  4

400x400x70          3.5                               4.5

630 x400x100       3.5                               5

630x630x100        4                                  5

900x 630×125       4.5                               –

1000x630x150     4.5                                6

* Rimet plates conform to std JB/T7975-1999 Grade 00

** Aus Std 1004.2 is copy of ISO 8512-3:1990 Part 2  Grade 0

Plates outside stocked sizes  can be supplied against special order

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