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RED-I-GRIP radial pole magnetic chucks have a strong magnetic grip extending to the edge of the chuck eliminating ‘dead’areas.


  1. Up to 16kg/ direct pull
  2. A reliable ON/OFF switch to ensure long term use
  3. Precision made and ground parallel to within 0.05mm
  4. Completely sealed against coolant and di-electric fluid.
  5. Can be partially switched on if full grip is not required
  6. Can be mounted on lathes, grinders or any machine where extra powerful grip is needed
  7. Strong grip means chuck diameter can be increased by using horizontal pole extensions.
  8. Jobs without flat grip surface can be held with vertical pole extension blocks.
  9. Non-magnetic plugs can be used to accurately centre jobs if centre hole is provided.  If not centre holes can be machined after mounting to be concentric with machine spindle axis.
  10. Size range from 100mm-600mm diameter.
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